The Top 5 Nigerian Foods Of All Time

Posted on December 22nd, 2022.

Party Jollof Rice

Taking the number one spot is none other than party Jollof rice. There is Jollof rice and then there’s party Jollof rice. Party Jollof rice is the epic version. Smoking hot, cooked over firewood, with the right amount of pepper. Served with fried chicken or beef and a side of plantain or salad. What’s not to love. Many will hate to admit, but this is one of the reasons why they’ll buy anyone’s Aso Ebi. Aso Ebi guarantees a plate of food at the party. God forbid they’ve run out of Jollof before you get your hands on it.


Whether it’s beef, chicken or ram, the satisfying taste of suya compares to none. The meat threaded on large skewers is marinated with the perfect blend of suya spice and grilled to perfection. Spicy, irresistible and piping hot, topped with more suya spice and served with freshly cut tomatoes, onions and cabbage. Nothing makes it more Nigerian like it being served in newspapers. We’re convinced it adds to the taste. Kidney, gizzard and shaki (tripe) suya are so good and on another level. Suya is definitely one of the things you’ll miss if you are out of the country.

Pounded yam

Pounded yam is king and worth every bite. This is one superstar that goes perfectly well with any Nigerian soup. Egusi, Eforiro, Ogbono, Ofe Nsala, Bitter Leaf, Okoro, Vegetable, Afang, Edikaikong, Miyan Taushe, and Native soup. Every true pounded yam lover knows poundo yam is an imposter. The doughy, chewy and oh so yummy goodness of pounded yam has earned its rightful place as arguably the best swallow in Nigeria. Nothing quite like it.

Akara & Moi Moi

Different versions made from the same ingredients is why we love Akara and Moi Moi. Made from beans, onions and fresh pepper, these twins will fill you up in a heartbeat. Nutritious and satisfying, the smell of hot Akara or Moi Moi alone can take you to heaven. They can win an Oscar for their versatility. Whilst Akara is the number one street food and can be eaten with pap, bread or fried yam, Moi Moi is more upscale. Moi-Moi can be stuffed with smoked fish, chicken or shrimps. It goes well with Garri, white rice or Jollof rice to name a few.

Agege Bread

Agege bread is the bread of this Nigerian life. This is not a Jumoke moment but it could be. Agege bread is the champion of all types of bread, a National treasure and one of the founding Fathers of Nigerian food. It’s been here for years and will be here forever. Freshly baked every morning, the distinct taste is a taste of home. Whether you have it with sardines, Akara, Ewa Agonyin, tea, coffee or suya, your heart skips a beat with every bite. Fluffy, chewy, yummy and timeless.

Source: BN Style 

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